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Chapter-02 Clinical Studies by Gomez Leena Myrtle (2007) Edition : 1/e

Clinical studies, Feeding methods, Enema, Urine, Motion, Conditions in the mouth, Types of diets, Tube feedings or gastric gavage, Calculation of milk formula, Enema or clysis and types, Constituents of urine, Type of enema

Chapter-07 Special Procedures by Gomez Leena Myrtle (2007) Edition : 1/e

Special procedures, Central venous pressure, Right arterial pressure, Pulmonary artery pressure, Pulmonary capillary wedge pressure, Measurement of cardiac output, Thermodilution method, Cardiac index, Respiratory tidal volume, Compressed spectral array, Neurometric monitors, Intraoperative monitoring somatosensory, Ultrasound, Ct scan, Mri, Brain scan, Cere... [More]

Chapter-08 Blood Values by Gomez Leena Myrtle (2007) Edition : 1/e

Blood values, Ranges of blood value, Normal arterial blood gas volumes, Classification of shock, Acid base imbalance, Fluid and electrolyte imbalances, Systemic assessment of arterial blood gases, Cardiac muscle principles, Dialysis disequilibrium syndrome, Guide lines for dialysis management, Fluid replacement formulas, Cerebral edema, Respiratory distress ... [More]

Chapter-09 Special Values and Procedures by Gomez Leena Myrtle (2007) Edition : 1/e

Special values and procedures, 5 ps of neurovascular assessment, Auto-disposable syringe by unicef, Beating heart coronary bypass surgery, Brain stroke, Common knee injuries, Erythema neonatorum toxicum, Galactorrhea, Gift or gamete intrafallopian transfer, Infrared thermometer, Lasik eye surgery, Limitations of ultrasound, Mayer-robitansky-kyster-hauser syn... [More]