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Chapter-01 Health Assessment by Jacob Annamma, R Rekha, Tarachand Jadhav Sonali (2015) Edition : 3/e

This chapter contains twenty six basic nursing procedures which are checking of vital signs, collecting and/or testing of samples of body fluids, secretions and discharges and self-examination of body organs that aid in early identification of disease conditions. Procedures of vital signs checking include body temperature, pulse rate, respiration rate and bl... [More]

Chapter-01 Health Assessment by (2010) Edition : 2/e

This contains twenty six nursing procedures, each one arranged with definition, purposes, articles, procedure steps with rationales and pediatric variations. The health assessment procedures include assessing vital signs, collection of specimens for laboratory tests, performing urine tests and self examinations of breasts and testicles. Health assessment, Vi... [More]

Chapter-01 Health Assessment by Jacob Annamma, R Rekha, Tarachand Jadhav Sonali (2006) Edition : 1/e

This chapter has outlined the different procedures of health assessment such as measuring body temperature, assessment of pulse, blood pressure monitoring, collecting urine specimen for routine examination and for culture, collecting blood for routine examination and culture, and teaching breast self-examination and testicular self-examination. Body temperat... [More]

Chapter-01 Introduction to Nursing by Clement I (2013) Edition : 2/e

The chapter explains the qualities of a nurse in detail. Nursing is to assist the individual (sick or well) in the performance of those activities contributing to health, its recovery (or to a peaceful death) that he would perform unaided, if he had the necessary strength, will or the knowledge and to do this in such a way as to help him gain independence as... [More]

Chapter-01 Introduction to Nursing by Clement I (2007) Edition : 1/e

Introduction to nursing, Nightingale’s pledge, Liberal meaning of word nurse, Definitions of nursing, Nursing as a profession, Function of nurse, Role of nurse, Person-center nursing care, Nursing procedures, Ethical issues in nursing, Health care team, Legal issues in nursing

Chapter-01 Nursing Process by Sam Molly (2007) Edition : 2/e

Nursing process is defined as an organized systematic method of giving individualized nursing care that focuses on identifying and treating unique responses. It provides a frame work with which needs of the patient/family/community can be met. It begins when the patient needs assistance with health care of individuals or groups to actual or potential alterat... [More]

Chapter-02 Client Care: Hygiene and Comfort by Jacob Annamma, R Rekha, Tarachand Jadhav Sonali (2015) Edition : 3/e

Twenty five procedures are included in this chapter. Admission, transfer and discharge of patients, preparation of different types of beds for promotion of comfort and procedures for meeting hygiene and safety needs of patients during their hospital stay are explained. Admission of a patient in hospital refers to receiving him or her to stay in the hospital ... [More]

   Chapter DOI:10.5005/jp/books/11023_2      

Twenty five procedures related to maintaining hygiene and comfort. Include admitting transferring and discharging clients from hospital, preparing beds for patients with different needs, bathing clients, performing irrigations and application of heat and cold to body parts. Client care, Hygiene and comfort, Heat and cold to body parts, Bathing clients, Prepa... [More]