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Chapter-10 Force, Energy and Work by Sharma Suresh K (2014) Edition : 1/e

In this chapter force and facts related to motion were discussed under Newton’s first law, second law and third law of motion. Author discusses the forces in the circular motion like centripetal and centrifugal forces; work; energy; types and transformation of energy with the help of appropriate examples. He also discusses energy in the body; power; principl... [More]

Chapter-10 Microscopes: Physical Principles and Applications by Parkash Parveen (1998) Edition : 1/e

Microscopes have a specialized use in biological research and clinical diagnosis because they possess characteristics of magnification and resolving power. The capacity of microscope both to magnify and resolve depends on kind of illumination and type of lenses used. Compound light microscope permits gross examination of cellular structure and is an attracti... [More]

Chapter-10 Radiation Quantities and Units by Thayalan Kuppusamy (2017) Edition : 2/e

This chapter basically talks about the radiation quantities and units. The principal objective of ICRU is to give recommendations on the quantities and units of radiation and radioactivity, procedure for measurement and application and physical data needed for such applications. Radiation quantities needs to be measured, for which units are required. The uni... [More]

Chapter-11 Heat by Sharma Suresh K (2014) Edition : 1/e

In this chapter nature, measurement, transfer and effects of heat on matter are discussed by author. He discuss that Heat can be transferred through Conduction, Convection, Radiation and Evaporation. Relative humidity, specific gravity, temperature scales like The Fahrenheit scale and The Celsius scale are also discussed. Healthcare practices are using heat ... [More]

Chapter-11 Interaction of Radiation with Matter by Thayalan Kuppusamy (2017) Edition : 2/e

This chapter gives an overview on interaction of radiation with matter. This chapter discusses about the attenuation and coherent scattering. This chapter also provides appropriate detail about the photoelectric absorption and Compton scattering. This chapter also describes about the pair production and relative importance of attenuation process. A detailed ... [More]

Chapter-11 Macromolecules: Conformation and Structure by Parkash Parveen (1998) Edition : 1/e

The last decade saw an unprecedented progress in the understanding of biological molecules. Know how of three dimensional structure of macromolecules has led to better understanding of their functions in normal state and diseased conditions. Attractive and repulsive forces which operate within primary, secondary, tertiary and quaternary chains and help to ma... [More]

Chapter-11 Principle of Electronics by Thayalan K (2007) Edition : 1/e

This chapter reviews about Semiconductor (P-type, N-type, Semiconductor diode, Transistor, Rectifier, LED, LCD and Digital Electronics) and Electronic equipments used in patient care (Digital pulse monitor, Pulse oximeter, Digital thermometer, Defibrillators, Pacemakers, Cardiac fibrillator, Ventilator). Semiconductor, Semiconductor diode, Transistor, Rectif... [More]

Chapter-12 Light by Sharma Suresh K (2014) Edition : 1/e

In this chapter nature of light, laws of reflection and refraction of light are discussed by author with the help of illustrative figures. He also discussed the structure of eye, action of eye, power of accommodation and Defects of the vision like Hypermetropia or long sightedness, Myopia or short sightedness, Presbyopia or far Sightedness and Astigmatism an... [More]