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Bio-medical Physics for Nurses
Bio-medical Physics for Nurses by Thayalan K (2007) Edition : 1/e
DOI : 10.5005/jp/books/10101   ISBN:9788180619908

Physics has lot of applications in Medicine and Biology particularly in Physiology, radiology, Cardiology, Neurology and Audiology, etc. Most of the equipments used in the above specialties are employing the principles of Physics and its applications. Nursing personnel is an important category in the health care industry next to physicians. They are supposed... [More]

Chapter-01 Introduction by Thayalan K (2007) Edition : 1/e

This chapter reviews introduction about properties of matter, Systems of units, SI system, length, mass, time, Derived units (Area, velocity, density, Acceleration), Dimensions, Rules and Conventions in the use of symbols, Random errors and Instrumental errors. Length, Mass, Time, SI system, Random error, Instrumental error.

Chapter-02 Motion by Thayalan K (2007) Edition : 1/e

This chapter explains about Motion, Different kinds of motion (Translatory motion, Rotatory motion, Oscillatory, Random and Periodic motion), Acceleration, Scalar and Vector quantities, Newton’s laws of motion, Law of conservation of momentum, Acceleration due to gravity, Mass, Weight, Centripetal force, centrifugal force and Applications in nursing. Transla... [More]

Chapter-03 Gravity by Thayalan K (2007) Edition : 1/e

This chapter explains about Kinetic theory of matter, Density, Specific gravity, the law of floatation, Hydrometer, Center of gravity, States of Equilibrium (stable, unstable, neutral), Equilibrium of the human body, Law of gravitation, Effects of gravity on human body and Applications of gravity in nursing. Density, Specific gravity, Hydrometer, Equilibrium... [More]

Chapter-04 Force, Work and Energy by Thayalan K (2007) Edition : 1/e

This chapter gives the definitions and units for different terms such as work, power, potential energy, kinetic energy. It also includes law of conservation of energy, Collisions, Forces of the body, Moment of a force, parallel forces, Couple, Friction, Methods for reducing friction, Simple machines, Lever, Pulley (Fixed pulley, Movable pulley), Inclined pla... [More]

Chapter-05 Heat by Thayalan K (2007) Edition : 1/e

The first part of the chapter explains about Properties of thermal radiation, Prevost’s theory, Heat transfer, Physical effects of heat on matter (Expansion, acceleration of chemical action, thermionic emission). The second part explains about Temperature and measurements, Scales of temperature (centigrade scale, absolute scale, and Fahrenheit scale), types ... [More]

Chapter-06 Light by Thayalan K (2007) Edition : 1/e

This chapter explains about Electromagnetic radiation, Quantum nature of radiation, Fluorescence, Electromagnetic spectrum, Light (reflection, refraction), Lenses (Action of a lens, focal length, magnification, power). The human eye and visual effects (Visual physiology, Myopia, Hyper metropia, Presbyopia, Astigmatism, Binocular Vision). It also explains abo... [More]

Chapter-07 Pressure by Thayalan K (2007) Edition : 1/e

This chapter review about Hydrostatic pressure (Fluid motion, Laminar flow, Turbulent flow), Atmospheric pressure (Torricelli’s experiment, Pressure notation in medicine), Aneroid barometer, Gas pressure (Boyle’s law, Charle’s law, Gas equation, clinical application), Osmosis, Measurement of pressure in the body (Arterial and venous blood pressure, sphygmoma... [More]

Chapter-08 Sound by Thayalan K (2007) Edition : 1/e

This chapter includes frequency, velocity, intensity, Ultrasound production, Piezo electric effect, Vocalization and hearing (Hearing, deafness, test of hearing, Tinnitus, Hearing aid, Audiometer), Medical use of ultrasound (A-mode, M-mode, B-mode, Doppler ultrasound), Noise pollution, Noise control measure and Application of Sound in nursing (Heart sound, F... [More]

Chapter-09 Electricity and Electromagnetism by Thayalan K (2007) Edition : 1/e

This chapter explains about nature of electricity, potential, Current, Resistance, Flow of electricity (magnetic effect, Heating effect), faraday’s laws of electrolysis, electricity and human body, ECG, EEG, EMG, ECT, Electromagnetism, laws of electromagnetic induction (faraday’s law, Lens law), Fleming’s right hand rule, self and mutual induction, CT scanni... [More]