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Chapter-04 Abdomen by Tuli Anita, Raheja Shashi, Kakar Smita (2010) Edition : 1/e

Abdomen, Abdominal aorta, Abdominal wall, Anterior abdominal wall, Blood supply of anterior, Cecum and vermiform, Celiac trunk, Disposition, Anterior and posterior relations, Extrahepatic biliary apparatus, Inferior mesenteric artery, Inguinal canal, Lateral view of trunk, Lumbar plexus, Posterior abdominal wall, Posterior views, Rectus abdominis, Rectus she... [More]

Chapter-06 Head and Neck by Tuli Anita, Raheja Shashi, Kakar Smita (2010) Edition : 1/e

Base of skull, Cervical vertebrae, Ciliary ganglion, Cranial cavity, External carotid artery, Extraocular muscles, Internal ear, Lacrimal apparatus, Lateral wall of middle ear, Lateral wall of nose, Lymph nodes of head and neck, Mandible, Mandibular nerve, Maxillary nerve, Ophthalmic artery and nerve, Otic ganglion, Parotid gland, Posterior triangle of neck,... [More]

Chapter-07 Neuroanatomy by Tuli Anita, Raheja Shashi, Kakar Smita (2010) Edition : 1/e

Neuroanatomy, Dural venous sinuses, Subarachnoid cisterns, Cerebral arterial system, Roof of fourth ventricle, Floor of fourth ventricle, Boundaries of third ventricle, Ventricular system, Visual pathway, Thalamus, Basal nuclei, Internal capsule, Medial surface of cerebral hemisphere, TS of cerebellum, TS of midbrain, TS of pons, TS of medulla oblongata, Bra... [More]