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Chapter-01 The Basics by Tandon BK (2009) Edition : 2/e

Anatomy, Abdomen, Pelvis, Upper extremity, Lower extremity, Gross anatomy, Systemic anatomy, Osteology, Arthrology, Myology, Splanchnology, Neurology, Regional anatomy, Integumentary system, Radiological anatomy, Surface anatomy.

Chapter-02 The Skin and Its Appendages by Tandon BK (2009) Edition : 2/e

Sensations, Skin, Cell membranes, Stratum granulosum, Stratum lucidum, Flattened anucleate cells, Sweat glands, Sebaceous glands, Mammary glands, Stratum lucidum, Cytoplasmic eosinophilia, Hair follicles, Arrector pili muscles, Collagen fiber bundles, Prominent scar.

Chapter-03 The Bones, Cartilages and Joints by Tandon BK (2009) Edition : 2/e

Bones, Cartilages, Joints, Appendicular skeleton, Axial skeleton, Cranial bones, Facial skeleton, Hyoid bone, Upper extremity, Scapula, Hemopoiesis, Storehouse, Organic matrix, Bone marrow tissue, Bone forming cells, Bone tissue, Irregular bones, Sesamoid bones, Pneumatic bones.

Chapter-04 The Muscles and the Fasciae by Tandon BK (2009) Edition : 2/e

Muscles, Skeletal, Skeletal muscles, Aponeurosis, Collagen fiber bundles, Cylindrical muscle fibers, Muscle fibers branch, Somatic nerves, Autonomic nerves, Single oval nucleus, Circumpennate muscle, Unipennate muscle, Scapular muscles, Spinal cord, Isometric contraction.

Chapter-05 The Blood Vascular System by Tandon BK (2009) Edition : 2/e

Blood Vascular System, Pulmonary circulation, Systemic circulation, Arteries, Veins, Capillaries, Pulmonary circulation, Heart, Outer fibrous pericardium, Myocardium, Coronary arteries, Pulmonary valve, Aortic valve, Fetal circulation, Umbilical vein.

Chapter-06 The Lymphatic System by Tandon BK (2009) Edition : 2/e

Lymphatic system, Brain, Spinal cord, Eyeball, Bone marrow, Lymph ducts, Lymph vessels, Lymph capillaries, Lymph nodes, Epidermis, Capillary plexuses, Blood capillaries., Mucous membrances, Lymphatics of pelvis, Pelvis, Gastrointestinal tract, Abdominal wall.

Chapter-07 The Nervous System by Tandon BK (2009) Edition : 2/e

Nervous System, Somatic nervous system, Autonomic nervous system, Central nervous system, Peripheral nervous system, Tissue, Parasympathetic system, Parasympathetic fibers, Cranial nerves, Sympathetic system, Nerve fibers, Blood vessels, Cerebellum.