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Anatomy and Physiology for Nurses by Singh Inderbir (2005) Edition : 1/e
DOI : 10.5005/jp/books/10048   ISBN:9788180614323

It is unfortunate that a very large number of nursing students are studying the important subjects of Anatomy and Physiology from cheap notes. In this book, all facts about these subjects that a nurse needs to know, are presented in clear, easy to understand language. The text is accompanied by numerous illustrations to facilitate understanding. Further matt... [More]

Anatomy and Physiology for Nurses
Atlas of Human Anatomy by Singh Inderbir (2004) Edition : 1/e
DOI : 10.5005/jp/books/10066   ISBN:9788180612237

This thoroughly updated atlas is a comprehensive state of-the-art reference that presents a vivid, visual depiction of anatomical structures. It demonstrates their correlation with appropriate clinical images and surface anatomy essential for proper identification in the dissection lab and successful preparation for course exams. This atlas gives a clear dep... [More]

Atlas of Human Anatomy
Chapter-01 Upper Extremity by Singh Inderbir (2004) Edition : 1/e

Upper extremity, Mammary glands, Areola, Nipple, Pectoral region, Foramen of Langer, Axillary tail, Aponeurosis, Sternum, Glandular tissue, Lactiferous duct, Lactiferous sinus, Breast tissue, Suspensory ligaments, Blood vessels , Schematic transverse section, Internal thoracic artery, Intercostal arteries, Lymphatic drainage of The breast, Parenchyma, Axilla... [More]

Chapter-01 Cell Structure by Singh Inderbir (2011) Edition : 6/e

The study of cells, tissues and organs with the help of microscope is referred to as histology. Fixation and staining are the traditional histological methods. Haematoxylin-eosin staining is the commonest staining procedure used in histology. Micrometer and nanometre are the units of measurement used in histology. A cell is bounded by a cell membrane within ... [More]

Chapter-01 Cell Structure by Singh Inderbir (2006) Edition : 5/e, reprint

Abnormalities of cilia, Adhesion spots, Adhesive belts, Anchoring junctions, Autosomes and sex chromosomes, Basic membrane structure, Basic structure of dna, Carbohydrates of cell membranes, Cell division, Cell organelles, Cell structure, Classification of cell contacts, Communicating junctions, Contacts between adjoining cells, Duplication of chromosomes, E... [More]

Chapter-01 Introduction to Neuroanatomy by Singh Inderbir (2009) Edition : 8/e

Neuroanatomy, Numerous tissues, Central nervous system, Peripheral nervous system, Cerebrum, Cerebellum, Midbrain, Medulla oblongata, Brainstem, Cranial nerves, Spinal nerves, Cerebrospinal nerves, Autonomic nervous system, Parasympathetic nervous systems, Cell body, Perikaryon, Neurofibrils, Neurites, Dendrites, Oligodendrocyte, Mesaxon, Neurilemma, Myelina... [More]