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Jaypee Gold Standard Mini Atlas Series® Living Surface Anatomy
   Series Books DOI : 10.5005/jp/books/10420   ISBN:9788184487350

The various aspects of living surface anatomy are considered in this book. The book comprises of three parts: Bony prominences, Examination and Demonstration. Includes clinical examination of the patient which comprises of Inspection, Palpation, Percussion and Auscultation. Inspection includes close observation of nails, oral cavity, axillary folds, etc. Pal... [More]

Part-01 Bony Landmarks by Patankar Alka (2009) Edition : 1/e

Bony landmarks, Coracobrachialis, Lateral epicondyles, scapula, vertebra, Acromioclavicular joint, Hamilton’s test, Latissimus dorsi muscles, Olecranon, Elbow joint, Scaphoid fossa, Dorsal tubercle of radius, Metacarpals, Carpals, Scaphoid, Pisiform, Flexor retinaculum, Pubic tubercle, Pubic crest, Tubercle, Adductor tubercle, Adductor magnus, Ischial tubero... [More]

Part-02 Examination by Patankar Alka (2009) Edition : 1/e

Clinical examination, Living anatomy, Percussion, Auscultation, Palpation, Arterial pulse, Lymph nodes, Apex beat, Bones, Nails, Breasts, Nerves, Pulse, Radial pulse, Radial artery, Ulnar artery, Brachial artery, Axillary artery, Axillary lymph nodes, Palpation, Femoral artery pulsations, Popliteal pulsations, Femur, Anterior tibial artery, Dorsalis pedis ar... [More]

Part-03 Demonstration by Patankar Alka (2009) Edition : 1/e

Flexion, Medial rotation, Lateral rotation, Anatomical position, Standing erect, Superior extremity, Shoulder girdle, clavicle, Sternoclavicular joint, Acromioclavicular joint, Synovial-saddle joint, Plane synovial joint, Lateral supraclavicular nerve, scapula, Synovial, Socket tape, Supraclavicular nerves, Elbow Joint, Musculocutaneous nerves, Radioulnar jo... [More]