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Concise Anatomy by Jain KK, Suri RK, Kapur V (2002) Edition : 1/e
DOI : 10.5005/jp/books/10168   ISBN:9788171799732

The present book Concise Anatomy is an endeavour to help the medical students for quick revision of Anatomy. The text has been arranged in the form of short titles covering essentials of anatomy in a simplified manner. An attempt has been made to include the fundamentals and exclude the minutia using objective approach. Contains 7 sections namely, General An... [More]

Concise Anatomy
Section 1 General Anatomy by Jain KK, Suri RK, Kapur V (2002) Edition : 1/e

General anatomy, Functions of the skin, Layers of skin, Constituents of connective tissue, Functions of connective tissue, Cells of connective tissue, Fibres of connective tissue, Functions of superficial fascia, Contents of superficial fascia, Functions of deep fascia, Modifications of deep fascia, Regions with stratification of superficial fascia, Situatio... [More]

Section 2 Neuroanatomy by Jain KK, Suri RK, Kapur V (2002) Edition : 1/e

Neuroanatomy, Unpaired dural venous sinuses, Venous sinuses related to falx cerebri, Features of dural venous sinuses, Cranial dural venous sinuses, Paired dural venous sinuses, Dural venous sinuses, Confluence of sinuses, Features of diploic veins, Names of diploic veins, Emissary veins, Few sites of emissary veins, Tentorial notch, Sub-arachnoid cisterns, ... [More]

Section 3 Head and Neck by Jain KK, Suri RK, Kapur V (2002) Edition : 1/e

Actions and nerve supply of buccinator, Actions of orbicularis oculi, Anatomical basis of painful parotid swelling, Arterial supply of nasal septum, Arteries supplying thyroid gland, Arteries that supply the palatine tonsil, Bones forming the floor of nasal cavity, Roof of nasal cavity, Roof of orbit, Border of parotid salivary gland, Boundaries of carotid t... [More]

Section 4 Upper Limb by Jain KK, Suri RK, Kapur V (2002) Edition : 1/e

Upper limb, Peculiarities of clavicle, Actions of pectoralis major, Clinical significance of cephalic vein, Structures that pierce the clavi-pectoral fascia, Area of distribution of supraclavicular nerves, Arterial supply of mammary gland, Scalenus anterior syndrome, Muscles of anterior wall of axilla with nerve supply, Wall of axilla, Apex of axilla, Struct... [More]

Section 5 Thorax by Jain KK, Suri RK, Kapur V (2002) Edition : 1/e

Thorax, Organs protected by bony thorax, Upper surface of first rib, Nerves related to first rib, Anatomical events at sternal angle, Comparison of ribs of infant, Boundaries of thoracic inlet, Boundaries of thoracic outlet, Structures in the costal groove, Branches of intercostal nerve, Branches of internal thoracic artery, Parts of parietal pleura, Parts a... [More]

Section 6 Abdomen, Pelvis and Perineum by Jain KK, Suri RK, Kapur V (2002) Edition : 1/e

Abdominal quadrants, Sensory innervation of scrotum, Coverings of testis, Coverings of spermatic cord, Constituents of spermatic cord, Roof of inguinal canal, Floor of inguinal canal, Anterior wall of inguinal canal, Structures transmitted through superficial inguinal ring, Deep inguinal ring, Boundaries of hessel bach’s triangle, Internal ring occlusion tes... [More]

Section 7 Lower Limb by Jain KK, Suri RK, Kapur V (2002) Edition : 1/e

Lower limb, Muscles attached on iliac crest, Muscles inserted on hip bone, The osteofascial compartments of thigh, Structures piercing cribriform fascia, Boundaries of femoral triangle, Muscles in the floor of femoral triangle, Structures in the roof of femoral triangle, Contents of femoral triangle, Femoral artery pulsation, Branches of femoral artery, Prof... [More]