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Asterion: The Practical Handbook of Anatomy by JS Harishanker, Sasi Ajai, N Avinash (2015) Edition : 2/e
DOI : 10.5005/jp/books/12419   ISBN:9789351523963

This is a comprehensive book of practical anatomy and is written in simple language with multiple photomicrographs, schematic diagrams, images of bones, radiographs, multiple tables and coloured illustrations. This book is both a theoretical and practical resource for the medical, dental and nursing students. The book is divided into seven chapters: histolog... [More]

Asterion: The Practical Handbook of Anatomy
Chapter-01 Histology by JS Harishanker, Sasi Ajai, N Avinash (2015) Edition : 2/e

The cells of the body are organized to form tissues and tissues form organs. The four basic types of tissues include: epithelium, connective tissue, muscle and neural tissue. The epithelial tissue is classified on the basis of the number of constituent cells, individual cell morphology and their properties. The connective tissue include connective tissue pro... [More]

Chapter-02 Embryology by JS Harishanker, Sasi Ajai, N Avinash (2015) Edition : 2/e

Embryology is the branch of medicine that deals with the development of an embryo from fertilization of the ovum to the stage of foetus. This chapter is divided in to three sections. First part of this chapter focus on general embryology consist of following topics: embryogenesis, i.e., the formation of embryo through fertilization, implantation of embryo an... [More]

Chapter-03 Radiology by JS Harishanker, Sasi Ajai, N Avinash (2015) Edition : 2/e

X-rays are the one of the principal imaging modalities used today for detection of various abnormalities. The fundamental principle of radiographic tests is that the different tissues have different capacity to absorb or block X-rays and the different tissue densities are projected on radiographs. Radiographs can be either plane radiographs or contrast radio... [More]

Chapter-04 Osteology by JS Harishanker, Sasi Ajai, N Avinash (2015) Edition : 2/e

Osteology is the branch of anatomy that deals with the structures and functions of bones. This chapter mainly focus on anatomical aspects of bones both schematically and theoretically, it also deals with some medico legal aspects of bones. The topics covered are skull lateral and inferior view and important structures passing through foramina, floor of crani... [More]

Chapter-05 Surface Marking by JS Harishanker, Sasi Ajai, N Avinash (2015) Edition : 2/e

Surface anatomy otherwise called superficial anatomy or visual anatomy is the study of the external features of the body. It deals with anatomical features that can be studied by sight, without dissection. Knowledge of surface anatomy is essential in early detection of anatomical anomalies in neonates, surgeries and in various medical examinations. This chap... [More]

Chapter-06 Spotters and Discussion Topics by JS Harishanker, Sasi Ajai, N Avinash (2015) Edition : 2/e

Spotters and discussion topics are inevitable part of anatomy practical exams. Identification of important parts of the body knowing their characters and relations with neighbouring organs is essential in medical practice, especially in surgeries. The spotters listed in this chapter are relevant as a doctor can come across them at any point of time in his me... [More]

Chapter-07 Red Alert by JS Harishanker, Sasi Ajai, N Avinash (2015) Edition : 2/e

Every structure and organ in human body is important. But few among them drag the attention from the rest due to their anatomical peculiarities and clinical importance. Chapter red alert lists those important topics a student must go through, ensuring acquiring the knowledge to deal with the most common or important clinical situations in the practicing year... [More]