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Chapter-01 Lower Limb by Gandotra Achleshwar (2006) Edition : 2/e

Important regions of lower limb which are of clinical relevance have been incorporated. In femoral region the structures passing under cover of inguinal ligament have shown. Boundaries of femoral triangle along with contents, course and branches of femoral nerve and artery have been highlighted. As hip and knee surgeries are very common therefore both the jo... [More]

Chapter-02 Upper Limb by Gandotra Achleshwar (2006) Edition : 2/e

Important regions of upper limb which are of clinical important are incorporated in this chapter. As breast cancer is common hence its blood supply and relations are given. The formation and branches of brachial plexus is illustrated. The fracture of surgical neck of humerus can cause injury to axillary nerve therefore its relation, course and distribution i... [More]

Chapter-03 Head and Neck by Gandotra Achleshwar (2006) Edition : 2/e

It is a tightly packed region of the body. Various structures are held in position by deep cervical fascia. The infection in this region can spread along this facia. Therefore schematic representation of deep cervical fascia has been shown. Injuries of scalp are common thus layers of the scalp have been drawn. The formation and branches of the cervical plexu... [More]

Chapter-04 Brain by Gandotra Achleshwar (2006) Edition : 2/e

Neurovascular diseases have become very common therefore sectional anatomy of spinal cord; brain stem and cerebrum have been shown for better knowledge of various tract systems and cranial nerve nuclei. This would ensure proper localization of lesions. Various connections of cerebellum have been shown in detail. Ventricles of brain have been shown. Circle of... [More]

Chapter-05 Thorax by Gandotra Achleshwar (2006) Edition : 2/e

Thoracic surgery has become very common these days therefore normal anatomy of various organs is important. This chapter highlights intercostals space and contents, subdividsions of mediastinum, contents of superior mediastinum, pleural reflections, broncho-pulmonary segments and hila of lungs, anterior and posterior views of heart and great vessels. As card... [More]

Chapter-06 Abdomen and Pelvis by Gandotra Achleshwar (2006) Edition : 2/e

Most of the surgical approaches are through anterior abdominal wall thus composition of rectus sheath at various levels is given. Inguinal hernias requires surgical therefore its anatomy is illustrated. This chapter highlights blood supply and lymphatic drainage of stomach, structures in stomach bed, and boundaries of Epiploic foramen, structures crossed by ... [More]

Gross Anatomy Workbook by Gandotra Achleshwar (2006) Edition : 2/e
DOI : 10.5005/jp/books/10327   ISBN:9788180616440

All surgical branches have their roots in Anatomy. In clinical practice we come across many cases where a bone is fractured leading to a nerve injury causing paralysis or an injury to an artery causing bleeding and vascular symptoms. Similarly in vehicular accidents injury to head is very common and often fatal. Degenerative changes in hip and knee joint req... [More]

Gross Anatomy Workbook