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Chapter-01 Color Atlas with Identification Points by Kote Neelkanth (2014) Edition : 2/e

This chapter gives the basic details of all the important histology slides. Here the photographic pictures of most of the histological slides are given in different sections preferably in lower power field and three identification points or key points are given for each slide. This helps in easy identification of the tissues and further study in histology. T... [More]

Chapter-01 Introduction by Kumaraswamy Jayalakshmi (2014) Edition : 1/e

Certain terms should be known to understand dental anatomy. The term maxillary means upper jaw, mandibular means lower jaw. Primary means belonging to the first stage of any process. The term deciduous means not permanent, transitory. Deciduous teeth commonly called as milk tooth is defined as “One of the temporary teeth of a mammal that are replaced by perm... [More]

Chapter-01 Introduction by Chatterjee Kabita (2014) Edition : 2/e

This chapter depicts the different parts of tooth, adjacent structures, different dentitions, functions of tooth and dental formula used in different parts of world. This introductory chapter also explains the different surfaces and different aspects of all deciduous and permanent sets of tooth. The most important part of the chapter is the glossary which te... [More]

Chapter-01 Introduction to Dental Anatomy by (Phulari) Rashmi GS (2014) Edition : 1/e

The knowledge of dental anatomy, physiology and occlusion forms a firm basis for all the fields of clinical dentistry and is essential for rendering appropriate treatment to various dental problems. A brief overview of dental anatomy and the related basic terminologies are discussed in this chapter. Nomenclature of teeth, dental formula for primary and perma... [More]

Chapter-01 Introduction to Human Neuroanatomy by Deb Samar (2014) Edition : 1/e

Through this chapter a reader will be able to obtain the fundamental concept of human nervous system which regulates functions of other systems, being the master system of the body. Central nervous system has been compared with the director of an institute to receive inputs (information) from and to send command through field staff which is nothing but perip... [More]

Chapter-01 Introduction to Nervous System by Shyamkishore K, Rajgopal Lakshmi, Bhuiyan Pritha S (2014) Edition : 9/e

This chapter discusses nervous system. The human body consists of numerous tissues and organs, which are diverse in structure and function, yet they function together and in harmony for the well-being of the body as a whole. The peripheral nerves include those that supply skin, muscles, and joints of the body wall and limbs, and those that supply visceral st... [More]

Chapter-01 Light Microscopy and Tissue Preparation by Vasudeva Neelam, Mishra Sabita (2014) Edition : 7/e

This chapter discusses light microscopy and tissue preparation. A light microscope is an optical device that uses visible light for illumination and lenses to magnify a specimen or tissue section for detailed visualisation. Simple microscopes utilise a single lens while compound microscopes have a number of lenses in combination. Objective lenses are attache... [More]

Chapter-02 Cell Structure by Vasudeva Neelam, Mishra Sabita (2014) Edition : 7/e

This chapter discusses cell structure. Cell is the fundamental structural and functional unit of the body. A cell is bounded by a cell membrane within which is enclosed a complex material called protoplasm. The membrane separating the cytoplasm of the cell from surrounding structures is called the cell membrane or the plasma membrane. The dark staining parts... [More]

Chapter-02 Dental Formula and Tooth Numbering Systems by Kumaraswamy Jayalakshmi (2014) Edition : 1/e

A detailed description of tooth numbering systems i.e, Palmer system, FDI system, Universal system and viktor haderup is given in this chapter. The denomination and number of all mammalian teeth are expressed by formulae that are used to differentiate the human dentition from that of other species. The denomination of each tooth is often represented by the i... [More]

Chapter-02 History of Histology by Kote Neelkanth (2014) Edition : 2/e

Any achievement is incomplete without its history and any history is incomplete without the legends that created the history. Keeping this in mind and to make the subject more interesting this chapter is designed to explain about some of the major and significant contributions and its associated scientist in the field of histology. Innumerable of scientists ... [More]