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Chapter-01 Human Embryology by Kulkarni Roopa, Mokhasi Varsha S, Shetty Shailaja (2010) Edition : 1/e

For the development of an individual, two gametes—sperm and ovum—with haploid number of chromosomes are required. The study of formation and maturation of sperms is called spermatogenesis and that of ovum is oogenesis. These mature gametes meet in the female reproductive tract, fuse to form the zygote. The female reproductive system undergoes changes along w... [More]

Chapter-02 Fetal Membranes by Kulkarni Roopa, Mokhasi Varsha S, Shetty Shailaja (2010) Edition : 1/e

As the embryo grows into fetus, the membranes of the fetus develop simultaneously which form amnion, yolk sac, extra embryonic mesoderm and coelom, Allantois, connecting stalk, chorion and placenta. The connecting stalk becomes the umbilical cord. The yolk sac nourishes the embryo initially but the placental circulation takes over the function of nourishment... [More]

Chapter-02 Primary Tissues by Deepa G, Ashalatha PR (2010) Edition : 2/e

Primary tissue, Adipose tissue, Cells of connective tissue, Classification of connective tissue, Classification of tissues, Compound or multilaminar epithelia, Connective tissue, Distribution of collagen fibres, Epithelium, Functions of epithelium, Glands, Pseudostratified columnar ciliated, Reticular tissue, Stratified squamous epithelium, Transitional epit... [More]

Chapter-02 Upper Limb by Vij Anjula (2010) Edition : 1/e

Upper limb, Bones of upper limb, Clavicle, Scapula, Humerus, Radius and ulna, Bones of hand, Joints of upper limb, Shoulder joint, Shoulder girdle, Elbow joint, Cubital fossa, Radioulnar joints, Wrist joint, Joints of hand, Axilla, Arteries of upper limb, Venous drainage of upper limb, Lymphatic drainage of upper limb, Breast, Brachial plexus, Radial nerve, ... [More]

Chapter-03 Development in Third Week of Life by Kulkarni Roopa, Mokhasi Varsha S, Shetty Shailaja (2010) Edition : 1/e

In the 3rd week of gestation there will be development of primitive streak, notochord, neural plate, neural groove, neural tube and neural crest. All are derivatives of epiblast. There will be simultaneously Gastrulation taking place and the intraembryonic mesoderm develops and undergoes differentiation. The intra embryonic mesoderm consists of three parts—p... [More]