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Anatomy and Physiology for Nurses by Singh Inderbir (2005) Edition : 1/e
DOI : 10.5005/jp/books/10048   ISBN:9788180614323

It is unfortunate that a very large number of nursing students are studying the important subjects of Anatomy and Physiology from cheap notes. In this book, all facts about these subjects that a nurse needs to know, are presented in clear, easy to understand language. The text is accompanied by numerous illustrations to facilitate understanding. Further matt... [More]

Anatomy and Physiology for Nurses
Chapter-01 General Anatomy by Sawant VG (2005) Edition : 2/e

General anatomy, Anatomical position of body, Superficial fascia, Deep fascia, Articular capsule, Synovial membrane, Insertion of muscle, Concentric action of muscle, Isometric contraction of muscle, Peculiarities of sesamoid bones, Cartilagenous joints, Shunt components of muscle, Sesamoid bones, Intra-articular structures, Membrano-cartilagenous bones, Typ... [More]

Chapter-02 A Brief Introduction to Bones, Joints and Muscles by Singh Inderbir (2005) Edition : 1/e

Introduction to bones, Introduction to joints, Introduction to muscles, Skeleton, Skull, Appendicular skeleton, The vertebral column, Skeleton of the thorax, Skeleton of the upper limb, Skeleton of the lower limb, Some features of joints, Classification of joints, Some facts about muscles, Some important muscles of the body

Chapter-02 Superior Extremity by Sawant VG (2005) Edition : 2/e

Superior extremity, Trunks of brachial plexus, Branches of medial cord, Branches of axillary artery, Branches of brachial artery, Boundaries of cubital fossa, Cubital fossa, Branches of axillary nerve, Branches of musculocutaneous nerve, Branches of median nerve, Branches of radial nerve, Posterior interosseous nerve, Rotator cuff muscles, Interosseous membr... [More]

Chapter-03 Inferior Extremity by Sawant VG (2005) Edition : 2/e

Inferior extremity, Branches of femoral nerve, Branches of sciatic nerve, Deep peroneal nerve, Tibialis anterior, Popliteal fossa, Common peroneal nerve, Menisci of knee joint, Gluteus maximus, Lesser sciatic foramen, Femoral triangle, Intraarticular structures of knee joint, Branches of obturator nerve

Chapter-04 Thorax by Sawant VG (2005) Edition : 2/e

Thorax, Bronchopulmonary segments, Transverse sinus of pericardium, Tributaries of superior vena cava, Arterial supply of oesophagus, Venous drainage of oesophagus, Lymphatic drainage of oesophagus, Arterial supply of diaphragm, Posterior mediastinum, Nerve supply of pleura, Termination of azygous vein, Pericardium

Chapter-05 Abdomen by Sawant VG (2005) Edition : 2/e

Abdomen, Structures in porta hepatis, Free border of lesser omentum, Subphrenic spaces, Blood supply to prostate gland, Supports of rectum, Extrahepatic biliary apparatus, Spermatic cord, Roots of mesentery, Lymphatic drainage of stomach, Deep perineal pouch, Blood supply of ureter, Blood supply of suprarenal gland, Tributaries of inferior vena cava, Boundri... [More]