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Chapter-01 Introduction to Dental Anatomy by (Phulari) Rashmi GS (2014) Edition : 1/e

The knowledge of dental anatomy, physiology and occlusion forms a firm basis for all the fields of clinical dentistry and is essential for rendering appropriate treatment to various dental problems. A brief overview of dental anatomy and the related basic terminologies are discussed in this chapter. Nomenclature of teeth, dental formula for primary and perma... [More]

Chapter-02 Tooth Notation Systems by (Phulari) Rashmi GS (2014) Edition : 1/e

For more than 130 years, several systems for designating and encoding teeth have been in use. Tooth numbering systems have been developed in order to have a standard way of referring to particular teeth. Although, there have been more than 32 different tooth notation systems, 3 systems are commonly in use namely universal system, FDI system and Zsigmondy-Pal... [More]

Chapter-03 Chronology of Tooth Development by (Phulari) Rashmi GS (2014) Edition : 1/e

In both the primary and permanent human dentitions, not all the teeth are formed and appear in the oral cavity at the same time. A thorough knowledge of development of teeth, timing and pattern of eruption is essential for all clinical fields of dentistry. This chapter gives an overview of stages of tooth development with the help of colorful diagrams, and r... [More]

Chapter-04 Form and Function of Orofacial Complex by (Phulari) Rashmi GS (2014) Edition : 1/e

The concept of form and function explains the inter-relationship of the shape of some part and its function. In the context to dentistry, this phrase is applied to the entire masticatory system which acts as a highly coordinated functional unit. Various aspects to be considered while understanding the form and function of teeth are: size of crown and root; t... [More]

Chapter-05 Primary (Deciduous) Dentition by (Phulari) Rashmi GS (2014) Edition : 1/e

This chapter is dedicated to the first set of teeth in humans i.e. the primary/deciduous dentition. There are a total of 20 teeth in primary dentition which have a significant role in establishment of primary occlusion, neuro-muscular coordination of masticatory process, establishment and maintenance of normal facial appearance, development of clear speech, ... [More]

Chapter-06 Differences between Primary and Permanent Dentitions by (Phulari) Rashmi GS (2014) Edition : 1/e

There are some important differences between primary and permanent teeth in terms of external morphology, structure, mineral density etc., that have to be borne in mind while rendering dental treatment. Many of the routine dental procedures have to be modified while treating primary teeth so as to accommodate these differences. This chapter enlists various d... [More]

Chapter-07 The Permanent Maxillary Incisors by (Phulari) Rashmi GS (2014) Edition : 1/e

There are a total of 8 permanent incisors. The central incisors are at the center of their respective arches, one on either side of the midline. The lateral incisors are distal to central incisors. This chapter elaborates the functions, chronology, class traits of incisors and average dimensions of permanent maxillary incisors. Detailed anatomic description ... [More]

Chapter-08 The Permanent Mandibular Incisors by (Phulari) Rashmi GS (2014) Edition : 1/e

This chapter describes the functions, chronology and dimensions of permanent mandibular incisors along with the detailed description of their anatomy. Common anatomic variations, related dental anomalies, clinical considerations are given along with flow charts and summary charts to aid in revision. permanent mandibular incisors, mamelons, incisal ridge, lin... [More]

Chapter-09 The Permanent Canines by (Phulari) Rashmi GS (2014) Edition : 1/e

There are four permanent canines: two in each dental arch and only one member of its class in each quadrant. Being at the corner of the mouth, canines are also referred to as the ‘corner teeth’. They carry high value of importance because of their strong anchorage and esthetic value. This chapter includes the functions, class traits, chronology and dimension... [More]

Chapter-10 The Permanent Maxillary Premolars by (Phulari) Rashmi GS (2014) Edition : 1/e

This chapter is dedicated to the premolar teeth, the class which is not present in primary dentition. There are eight premolars; four in each dental arch and two in each quadrant. The class traits and functions of premolars, chronology and dimensions of permanent maxillary premolars along with their detailed anatomic description from every aspect are given. ... [More]