Biomineralization and Biomaterial Considerations in Dentin Remineralization - Invited Review
Author Xu Zhang, Zuohui Xiao, Haorong Wang, Anil Kishen
ISSN 2456-320X
JournalTitle Journal of Operative Dentistry & Endodontics
DOI 10.5005/jp-journals-10047-0004
Volume 1
Issue 1
Publishing Year 2016
Pages 7-12
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Dentin is a composite hard tissue, comprising of inorganic and organic matrices, and regulated by many proteins during development. The demineralization of dentin results from the loss of inorganic matrix [mainly hydroxyapatite (HAP)], but the organic matrix (mainly type I collagen) will sustain for a period of time after demineralization. Over the past decade, there has been a growing interest on the remineralization of demineralized dentin, primarily in connection with minimally invasive caries management. More and more biomaterials and methods are currently being evaluated to achieve newer approaches for the remineralization of demineralized dentin. These strategies are mostly based on biomimetic approaches and aim to achieve the characteristics of natural hard tissue. This article will present a complete review on the basic compositions and properties of dentin, which formed the basis for the biomimetic remineralization of demineralized dentin.

Keywords: Biomineralization, Collagen, Dentin, Noncollagenous proteins, Remineralization.

How to cite this article: Zhang X, Xiao Z, Wang H, Kishen A. Biomineralization and Biomaterial Considerations in Dentin Remineralization. J Oper Dent Endod 2016;1(1):7-12.

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