Endodontic Management of a Taurodontic Mandibular Second Molar - CASE REPORT
Author Khaleel Ahamed Thaha, Nasil Sakkir, Mali G Nair, A Ajaz, Lija Issac Parackal
JournalTitle Conservative Dentistry and Endodontic Journal
DOI 10.5005/jp-journals-10048-0004
Volume 1
Issue 1
Publishing Year 2016
Pages 14-17
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Taurodontism is a dental anomaly in which the involved tooth has an enlarged and elongated pulp chamber with short roots. Endodontic treatment of a taurodont tooth presents challenges to a clinician for visibility, cleaning and shaping as well as obturation of the root canals. In this case report, a 16-year-old female patient presented with spontaneous pain in relation to mandibular right second molar. On radiographic examination, the tooth had a carious lesion extending to the pulp chamber which was large and elongated with apically located furcation and two short roots. The taurodontic index (TI) for this particular tooth was 34.2, corresponding to mesotaurodontism. Endodontic treatment was successfully completed using lateral condensation technique and postendodontic restoration given.

Keywords: Bull teeth, Enlarged pulp chamber, Mesotaurodontism, Taurodontism.

How to cite this article: Thaha KA, Sakkir N, Nair MG, Ajaz A, Parackal LI. Endodontic Management of a Taurodontic Mandibular Second Molar. Cons Dent Endod J 2016;1(1):14-17.

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