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Review by Borooah Shyamanga, Wright Mark, Dhillon Baljean [2012] Reviewed By

ISBN : 9781907816215

Edition : 1/e

The book titled “Ophthalmology” discusses about the anatomy, physiology and the diseases identified with the eye. Eye diseases are amongst the most common conditions observed in the hospitals. Once they are diagnosed, then majority of the eye diseases can be treated. Chapter 1 discusses about the anatomy, optics and physiology. Chapters 2 and 3 exp...

Recent Advances in Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery    
Review by Lalwani Anil K, Pfister Markus HF [2012] Reviewed By  Otology and Neurology Journal

ISBN : 9789350257906

Edition : 1/e

Recent Advances in Otolaryngology (Head and Neck Surgery), has been designed to meet the need of the busy practicing clinician to efficiently keep current with what is new in each of the subspecialities of otolaryngology. All of the chapters have been contributed by leading experts in the field. Due to its rapid publication cycle, the material is c...

Surface Anatomy    
Review by Tunstall Richard, Shah Nehal [2012] Reviewed By Helse Fonna

ISBN : 9781907816178

Edition : 1/e

Surface anatomy is discussed using the examination and palpation of living subjects. Cadaveric specimens, sections and medical imaging are provided to cross-reference and enhance the understanding of positions, variability and relationships. Observation, palpation, percussion and auscultation should be used to guide identification and placement. Ti...

Rotator Cuff Disorders: Basic Science and Clinical Medicine    
Review by Maffulli Nicola, Furia John P [2012] Reviewed By Helse Fonna

ISBN : 9781907816086

Edition : 1/e

The rotator cuff consists of four muscles namely subscapularis, supraspinatus, infraspinatus and teres minor. These muscles arise from scapula and their tendons combine with the subjacent capsule of the glenohumeral joint. This anatomical complex plays a key role in the normal functioning of the shoulder joint. The type of tear is based on tendon r...

Principles of Assessment in Medical Education    
Review by Singh Tejinder, Anshu [2012] Reviewed By Journal of Indian Pediatrics

ISBN : 9789350258859

Edition : 1/e

This book “Principles of Assessment in Medical Education” was designed towards orienting medical teachers to the science and art of educational methods. To a great extent, it also served as a ‘how to’ manual for numerous educational tasks required by a teacher. It focuses on the particular area of student assessment, exclusively on using assessment...

Pulmonary Function Testing & Interpretation    
Review by Hansen James E [2011] Reviewed By Critical Care Journal

ISBN : 9789350251058

Edition : 1/e

The book “Pulmonary Function Testing & Interpretation” mainly focuses pulmonologists, allergists, graduate students and surgeons who treat respiratory damage in patients. This book is divided into fifteen different chapters. It elaborately explains history of respiratory physiology including ancient knowledge, dark ages and early renaissance, energ...

Principles of Perinatal and Pediatric HIV/AIDS    
Review by Lala Mamatha M, Merchant Rashid H [2011] Reviewed By Journal of Indian Pediatrics

ISBN : 9789350251973

Edition : 1/e

The comprehensive book on Principles of Perinatal and Pediatric HIV/ AIDS includes a wide range of coverage of relevant topics compiled by leading national and international authors. The book is aimed at a wide audience and should be of value to practicing physicians, pediatricians, obstetricians, family doctors, postgraduate students and many othe...

Pediatric Nephrology    
Review by Srivastava RN, Bagga Arvind [2011] Reviewed By Journal of Indian Pediatrics

ISBN : 9789350252437

Edition : 5/e

Important advances in understanding of the mechanisms and management of various renal disorders in children have taken place. These are incorporated in the book. The chapters on electrolyte and acidbase disorders, nephrotic syndrome, acute kidney injury, urinary tract infection, tubulopathies, chronic kidney disease, renal replacement therapy, void...

State of the Art Atlas of Endoscopic Surgery in Infertility and Gynecology    
Review by Jain Nutan [2010] Reviewed By Journals of Minimally Invasive Gynecology

ISBN : 9788184489903

Edition : 2/e

This book is nicely organized in eleven sections with 52 chapters and covers the entire spectrum of Minimally Invasive Gynecologic Surgery and Hysteroscopy. General topics related to anatomy, entry, tissue retrieval, suturing, electrosurgery and other energy sources, ultrasonography and anesthesia. Next is management of adnexal masses. Endometriosi...

Emerging Techniques in Spine Surgery    
Review by Bhave Arvind [2009] Reviewed By European Journal of Orthopaedic Surgery & Traumatology 

ISBN : 9788184486964

Edition : 1/e

Written by an International group of Experts of Spine Surgeons, this book thoroughly examines new technologies for treating spinal degenerative conditions while preserving motion. Offers a comprehensive text on standards of care with innovative and cutting edge technology from Percutaneous Endoscopic Thoracic Disectomy to Complex Internal Kyphectom...

Clinical Photography in Dentistry    
Review by B Vyas Matrishva [2008] Reviewed By BioHorizons

ISBN : 9788184484274

Edition : 1/e

The book consists of 10 chapters. The first chapter exposes reader to the world of photography and highlights the need of photography in dental profession. Next three chapters (chapter 2 through chapter 4) explain the technicalities involved in photography. It will help one choose right cameras, lenses and other accessories for clinical photography...

Spectral Domain OCT A Practical Guide    
Review by Dacosta Shaun, Janakiraman P, Rajendran Babu [2008] Reviewed By

ISBN : 9788184483116

Edition : 1/e

Outline a step by step approach to image capturing, analysis and interpretation with a large collection of selected cases. This book will generate the excitement in the reader enough to want to delve into this new 3D domain as much as it did in all of us when we were first exposed to it. Before long this technology will be enhanced with the additi...