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Textbook of Nursing Foundation by Clement I [2017]

ISBN : 9789385891540

Edition : 2/e

The main concern of this chapter introduce the “Textbook of Nursing Foundation”. Nursing is a noble profession, where every nurse is obliged to provide expected quality of care. Today, the image of nurses has improved that every nurse and midwife can upgrade themselves to the level of nurse practitioner and they are allowed to practice independently. All the...

ISBN : 9789385891762

Edition : 3/e

Today, nurses are challenged to take part in the healthcare delivery systems that are being delivered at all levels in urban and rural communities through a planned healthcare system. This new edition upholds the latest syllabus and regulations for Diploma, UG-PG and even for Medicos by the Medical and Nursing Council of India. The whole book is updated acco...

Comprehensive Textbook of Nursing Education by Sodhi Jaspreet Kaur [2017]

ISBN : 9789385999161

Edition : 1/e

Nursing practice is both the source and goal of nursing knowledge. Selecting and creating effective nursing education method relies on an understanding that the content of nursing encompasses the goals and methods of the practice of nursing and the integral connections with distinctive practice-related knowledge. This book “Comprehensive Textbook of Nursing ...

ISBN : 9789386056054

Edition : 1/e

This book “A Comprehensive Textbook of Community Health Nursing” has evolved to reflect the continuous advancements in the field of nursing education, to meet the growing information source required for nursing students. This extraordinary textbook contains all the aspects of community health nursing comprehensively. It covers almost all the chapters as per ...

ISBN : 9789386107015

Edition : 1/e

The objective of this textbook is to introduce the psychiatric mental health nursing. This book is designed exclusively based on Indian nursing council (INC) syllabus and is meant for BSc program even though the other nursing program can be used as a reference guide. This book gives a comprehensive knowledge regarding various aspects of psychiatric nursing. ...

Essentials of Pediatric Nursing by Sharma Rimple [2017]

ISBN : 9789386107909

Edition : 2/e

The purpose of this book “Essentials of Pediatric Nursing” is to provide comprehensive, easy to understand and unambiguous material to the students as per the syllabus given by Indian Nursing Council (INC). During recent years, there has been a phenomenal advancement in the field of pediatrics, so the content of this book has been revised and updated. Few to...

Essentials of Biochemistry by Naik Pankaja [2017]

ISBN : 9789386150301

Edition : 2/e

The aim of this book is focussed on essential of biochemistry. Essentials of Biochemistry have been streamlined to focus on only the most essential biochemical concepts. This book consists of 35 chapters. This book covers the cell and membrane transport, carbohydrate chemistry, chemistry of lipids, chemistry of proteins, plasma proteins and immunoglobulin, e...

ISBN : 9789386150332

Edition : 1/e

This book presents the clinical nutrition and dietetics manual for nurses. Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics is an emerging field of biological sciences. It is a health-related career that actually transforms the nutrition and food science into the promotion of health. This book consists of 13 chapters. Chapter 1 highlights on the basic nutrition and its conc...

Practical Physiology by Geetha N [2017]

ISBN : 9789386150349

Edition : 1/e

This book focuses on the “Practical Physiology”. The book “Practical Physiology” has been structured keeping the requirements of the present day curriculum in mind. It is constructed in a simple manner and includes the basic principles of physiology and its applied aspects. The viva questions and model answers given at the end of each chapter will help the s...

ISBN : 9789386150356

Edition : 2/e

The aim of this book is to focus on “Jaypee’s Nursing Drugbook”. The drugbook provides comprehensive and up-to-date drug information in well-organized, nursing-focused monographs. This Drugbook includes over one thousand generic drugs. The drugs have been arranged systems to ease and enhance the reading experience. Each chapter begins with a classification o...

Advanced Critical Care in Medical, Surgical & Neonatal Nursing by Gowda SN Nanjunde, Gowda Jyothi Nanjunde [2017]

ISBN : 9789386150462

Edition : 1/e

This book discusses advanced critical care in medical, surgical and neonatal nursing. The presentation of this book, Advanced Critical Care in Medical, Surgical and Neonatal Nursing, is with practical procedures for Post Basic BSc Nursing, which includes the modern concept of child health care, healthy child, nursing care of the neonate, nursing management o...

The Practice Manual of Illustrative Anatomy by Kakar Smita, Tuli Anita, Raheja Shashi [2017]

ISBN : 9789386150516

Edition : 3/e

This manual talks about the “The Practice Manual of Illustrative Anatomy”. The objective of this manual “The Practice Manual of Illustrative Anatomy” is to induce a student to think, recall and cultivate skills toward the knowledge of anatomy. The simple illustrations emphasize a better grasp and we have tried our best to keep it clear and basic to help the ...

ISBN : 9789386150653

Edition : 1/e

This book discusses the “Principles of Sociology for Graduate Nurses”. The book “Principles of Sociology for Graduate Nurses” can be used as a sociology textbook for physiotherapy, nursing and other allied health sciences. This book attempts to meet the educational and professional needs of the students and nurses to strengthen the services to the patients a...

Key to Success Staff Nurses Recruitment Exam by Narwal Abha, Gangadharan Honey [2017]

ISBN : 9789386150899

Edition : 4/e

This book “Key to Success Staff Nurses Recruitment Exam” has been developed after a lengthy review process. The synopsis includes material from many sources, recommendations and advice from numerous individuals and groups. This book serves as a ready reference for the staff nurses’ recruitment examinations across the nation. Several important topics have bee...

Textbook of Nursing Management in Service & Education by Manivannan C, Manivannan T Latha, Baskaran J [2016]

ISBN : 9789350901861

Edition : 1/e

The aim of “Textbook of Nursing Management in Service and Education” is to provide simple systematic textbook on nursing management in service and education for GNM, undergraduate and postgraduate students. This book contains eight chapters. This book covers the introduction to management in nursing, management process, management of nursing service in the h...