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Textbook of Preclinical Conservative Dentistry by Garg Nisha, Garg Amit [2017]

ISBN : 9789386056832

Edition : 2/e

Preclinical operative dentistry is a branch of operative dentistry where practical training is given for tooth preparation and restoration of teeth with various materials on dummy models in simulated oral environment. The basic purpose of preclinical conservative dentistry is to make the students to gain expertise for restorative procedures before handling t...

ISBN : 9789386056856

Edition : 4/e

Pharmacology is the science that forms the basis for modern medicine. It is a rapidly changing field with new drugs being constantly introduced. The knowledge of pharmacology is important for all those who deal with drugs apart from medical practitioners, but the depth could vary. The need was felt for a short textbook for dental, nursing, physiotherapy and ...

Essential Pathology for Dental Students by Mohan Harsh, Mohan Sugandha [2017]

ISBN : 9789386107749

Edition : 5/e

This book is on the fifth edition of “Essential Pathology for dental students”. The book “Essential Pathology for dental students” has been thoroughly updated and contains newer contents and it is expected to be highly useful and more appealing. A new feature incorporated in this edition is placing of gist boxes at the end of each topic presenting a summary ...

Practical Pathology for Dental Students by Mohan Harsh, Mohan Sugandha [2017]

ISBN : 9789386107961

Edition : 2/e

This book discusses on the “Practical Pathology for Dental Students”. The book is structured in a way that it aims to hone the practical and diagnostic skills of the learner in pathology in a user-friendly manner. All exercises have listed key features point-wise for easy understanding and reproducibility, leaving out theoretical details for learning from th...

Essentials of Biochemistry by Naik Pankaja [2017]

ISBN : 9789386150301

Edition : 2/e

The aim of this book is focussed on essential of biochemistry. Essentials of Biochemistry have been streamlined to focus on only the most essential biochemical concepts. This book consists of 35 chapters. This book covers the cell and membrane transport, carbohydrate chemistry, chemistry of lipids, chemistry of proteins, plasma proteins and immunoglobulin, e...

The Practice Manual of Illustrative Anatomy by Kakar Smita, Tuli Anita, Raheja Shashi [2017]

ISBN : 9789386150516

Edition : 3/e

This manual talks about the “The Practice Manual of Illustrative Anatomy”. The objective of this manual “The Practice Manual of Illustrative Anatomy” is to induce a student to think, recall and cultivate skills toward the knowledge of anatomy. The simple illustrations emphasize a better grasp and we have tried our best to keep it clear and basic to help the ...

Color Atlas of Oral Cancer by Masthan KMK, Shyamsundar Vidyarani, Babu N Aravindha [2016]

ISBN : 9789351524410

Edition : 1/e

The “Color Atlas of Oral Cancer” compiled by Dr Masthan, Dr Vidyarani and Dr Aravindha has attempted to provide comprehensive information to oral health experts and planners on precancer, cancer epidemiology, management and need for screening and prevention in oral cancers. Today, there is a tendency for mouth cancer to go up in men, whereas it is coming dow...

MCQs in Pediatric Dentistry with Explanatory Answers by Goenka Puneet, Marwah Nikhil [2016]

ISBN : 9789352500260

Edition : 1/e

This book is on “MCQs in Pediatric Dentistry”. Pediatric dentistry is a branch with a very vast syllabus with its roots in all the other branches of dentistry. A comprehensive book of multiple choice questions with an extensive coverage of the subject was the need of the time. This is one of the first book in the field of pediatric dentistry which through it...

Mucocutaneous Lesions in Dentistry by Biradar Vijay Kumar [2016]

ISBN : 9789352500406

Edition : 1/e

This book “Mucocutaneous Lesions in Dentistry” deals with classification, etiopathogenesis, clinical features, histopathological features, diagnosis, differential diagnosis, treatment and prognosis of each mucocutaneous lesion. This is not a textbook, but a field guide to mucocutaneous diagnosis. This combination will permit a successful search for the corre...

Basic Dental Materials by Manappallil John J [2016]

ISBN : 9789352500482

Edition : 4/e

A successful dentist has to combine technical skills along with sound clinical knowledge. Knowledge of dental materials is one of the keys to a successful dental practice. As with dentistry in general, the science of dental materials combines a wide array of disciplines, including chemistry, physics, mechanics, and biology with clinical sciences. This book “...

ISBN : 9789352501526

Edition : 1/e

This book is on “Handbook of Forensic Odontology and Medical Jurisprudence”. The monograph on Forensic Odontology is a commendable attempt by the young dental scientist Dr. Richik Tripathi to provide a handbook on the subject which will be of immense use to the students and young professionals in the field. The book brings out pointedly the clinching evidenc...

Basic Histology: A Color Atlas & Text by Devi V Subhadra [2016]

ISBN : 9789352501786

Edition : 1/e

This book discusses some basic concepts of basic histologyin in simple language and presentation of material. The book covers various topics through simple illustrations in the form of line diagrams, flow charts, and several photographs of histological sections at various magnifications. The book also features the tables, charts, developmental aspect and mic...

Pediatric Dentistry for Special Child by Gupta Priya Verma [2016]

ISBN : 9789352501939

Edition : 1/e

The book titled "Pediatric Dentistry for Special Child" is made an attempt to provide comprehensive information about dentistry for children with special needs. It covers a wide range of conditions, including learning, physical, medical, and genetic disabilities. The book is divided into 35 chapters across 8 sections, covering Basic Concepts, Intellectually ...

Manual of Temporomandibular Joint by Rawlani Shivlal M, Rawlani Sudhir S [2016]

ISBN : 9789385891090

Edition : 1/e

The book “Manual of Temporomandibular Joint” comprises of anatomy, clinical examination, recent imaging techniques, disorders and their management, pertaining to temporomandibular joint. It discusses about temporomandibular joint disorders along with its considerations in dental specialty. It contains extensive number of clinical photographs of normal compon...

MCQs and Viva in Public Health Dentistry by S Sahana, GC Shivakumar [2016]

ISBN : 9789385891489

Edition : 1/e

This chapter is on “Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) and viva in Public Health Dentistry”. This book presents facts about Public Health Dentistry topics in an objective and comprehensive manner. Efforts have been taken for scientific construction and systematic presentations. Both MCQs and viva points are written chapter wise looking into the finer details a...