Basic Dental Materials

by Manappallil John J
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Quick Overview
Author/Editor Manappallil John J
ISBN 9789352500482
Speciality Dental Materials
DOI 10.5005/jp/books/12669
Edition 4/e
Publishing Year 2016
Pages 629
Book Type Textbook
Chapter Name Size Page No

A successful dentist has to combine technical skills along with sound clinical knowledge. Knowledge of dental materials is one of the keys to a successful dental practice. As with dentistry in general, the science of dental materials combines a wide array of disciplines, including chemistry, physics, mechanics, and biology with clinical sciences. This book “Basic Dental Materials” comprises of 30 chapters which have been organized into 7 sections for ease of reference. Chapter outline at the beginning of each chapter as requested by some readers is a new feature of this book. Dental material is a vibrant subject as new products and technology are constantly appearing in the market. Over the past decade, the field of ceramics has seen vast improvements. Current developments in computer-aided design/computer aided (additive) manufacturing (CAD/CAM) and 3D printing are opening new frontiers. Many materials adversely affect the other’s property, and therefore, material interactions have been introduced where information is available. A familiar one to most readers is the effect of eugenol from zinc oxide eugenol (ZOE) based products on resin-based composites. A relatively less familiar one is that occurring between provisional composites and elastomeric impression materials, which if not managed well, can introduce significant errors in the impression. Traditionally, the subject of dental materials primarily included materials used in restorative dentistry and related auxiliary materials. Currently, the trend is to be more inclusive of materials from other specialties, which have traditionally been excluded. This has been partly addressed in this edition with the inclusion of two new chapters on endodontic materials. Another new chapter is in the field of ‘additive manufacturing’, popularly known as 3D printing. Biomaterials is another exciting area of development with an explosion of new materials and technology.

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