Principles of Anesthesia Equipment

by Areti Yasodananda K, Kodali Bhavani Shankar
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Quick Overview
Author/Editor Areti Yasodananda K, Kodali Bhavani Shankar
ISBN 9789351529385
Speciality Anesthesiology
DOI 10.5005/jp/books/12837
Edition 1/e
Publishing Year 2016
Pages 220
Book Type Professional
Chapter Name Size Page No

The objective of this book is to introduce the principles of anesthesia equipment. This book consists of 13 chapters. The chapters in the book have been logically organized for a better understanding of the subject. This book is a treasure trove of facts and detailed information about how things work in anesthesia and the physics, mathematics, and engineering that serve as their basis. Clear and straightforward figures drawn to show basic principles provide great clarity. Chapter 1 on applied Physics, the relationship of measurement units used in various parts of the world is clearly discussed. Chapter 3 on anesthesia machine or workstation describes technological progression from the oldest to the newest technical advances and functionalities by major machine manufacturers including end-tidal Control of anesthetic agent on GE Aisys, Draeger Zeus and Maquet FLOW-i in many countries. Chapter 5 on anesthesia ventilators clearly diagrams and describes modern ventilator capabilities. Chapter 7 on monitoring technology beautifully describes and diagrams the numerous technologies available. Chapter 9 on electrical safety and devices succinctly and clearly teaches the basic electronics needed by anesthetists in any country. The diagram and pictures are laid out to make understanding better. Though it is impossible to cover extensively all the equipment used in anesthesiology, basic principles involved in the design of these equipment are well covered in this book.

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