Practical Handbook of OCT

by Rispoli Marco, Lumbroso Bruno
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Quick Overview
Author/Editor Rispoli Marco, Lumbroso Bruno
ISBN 9789350257586
Speciality Ophthalmology
DOI 10.5005/jp/books/11576
Edition 1/e
Publishing Year 2012
Pages 214
Book Type Reference
Chapter Name Size Page No

The book “Practical Handbook of OCT” is useful for better diagnosis and management of ocular conditions. Modern Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) generates high quality images and improves visualization of outer retina and choroid. Three-dimensional OCT enables assessment of multidimensional pathology. The present handbook with these facts in mind, teach a logical method of analysis and interpretation of the clinical images to help and guide clinicians in assessing, classifying, and selecting information. This book as a practical and concrete manual to be used in everyday clinical work. It is a teaching tool to explain the contents of the complex images produced by the modern Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT). In this book showed how these elementary lesions combine together to form the most frequent and less frequent clinical syndromes and situations. In this book also outlined some rare syndromes and after that described how to face complex cases that involved two or three different affections. This book produce guidelines in assisting interpretation and diagnostic decision making. In this book used most of the time grayscale rather than conventional pseudo-colors to make out details that could be easy to miss. This manual is thus organized in suggestions to obtain good OCT images, basic histology in relation to OCT, presentation of a logical method of analysis and synthesis, description of the elementary lesions that together form OCT images, description of the OCT syndromes and lesion association, glaucoma and neurologic disorders. In this book approximate 150 clear, typical, high resolution images of elementary lesions and of syndromes and diseases. The images are as large as possible to be easily comprehendable. The ocular diseases are shown in cross-section scans and “en face” frontal views. Most OCT scans are in black and white, in order to better bring out details. In this book approximate 70 line drawings for most of the images, giving a simplified vision of the scan to highlight the significant details, 16 color images giving a global macroscopic vision of some ocular diseases, 15 flow charts and 90 tables, organized pathologic features or diagnostic possibilities, even rare or less evident.

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