Magnetic Resonance Neurography

by Chhabra Avneesh, Andreisek Gustav
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Quick Overview
Author/Editor Chhabra Avneesh, Andreisek Gustav
ISBN 9789350255681
Speciality Radiology and Nuclear Medicine
DOI 10.5005/jp/books/11555
Edition 1/e
Publishing Year 2012
Pages 212
Book Type Professional
Chapter Name Size Page No

The MAGNETIC RESONANCE NEUROGRAPHY provides in-depth knowledge of the basic pathophysiology of peripheral neuropathy, production of high quality magnetic resonance neurography, MRN images, imaging appearances and clinical relevance of various nerve pathologies, and the role of MR guided intervention. Different issues or different parts or nerve areas of the body are separately addressed with similar approach and aids for the interpretation of the MRN studies. Future directions section highlights the research areas and scope for further improvement in technology, avoiding lengthy discussion on techniques, which are still under development and may not be very relevant in near future. MRN discusses the fine anatomy and architecture of the peripheral nerves, and evaluation of the innervated muscles should be done for the diagnosis of neuropathy.

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