Ophthalmic Dictionary and Vocabulary Builder for Eye Care Professionals

by Stein Harold A, Stein Raymond M, Freeman Melvin I, Massare John S
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Quick Overview
Author/Editor Stein Harold A, Stein Raymond M, Freeman Melvin I, Massare John S
ISBN 9789350253656
Speciality Ophthalmology
DOI 10.5005/jp/books/11479
Edition 4/e
Publishing Year 2012
Pages 439
Book Type Reference
Chapter Name Size Page No

The Ophthalmic Dictionary and Vocabulary Builder for Eye Care Professionals depicts anatomy, physiology, optics, genetics, embryology, and basic computer terms, where ophthalmic medical terminology is rapidly proliferating, with etiological terminology frequently replacing long-standing descriptive terminology and even historical eponymy designations. Publisher has prepared a practical book whose function, at the bottom line, is to assist in communication and to help develop vocabulary. Major topics discussed include anatomy, optics, pharmacology, genetics, embryology, disorders of the cornea and conjunctiva, glaucoma, strabismus, disorders of the retina and vitreous, ocular tumors, systemic diseases and the eye, neuro-ophthalmology, cataract surgery, intraocular lenses, glaucoma surgery, corneal surgery, eyelid, lacrimal and orbital surgery, laser surgery, and retinal and vitreous surgery. A new chapter on refractive surgery has been added to this rapidly expanding subspecialty.

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