The Sclera and Systemic Disorders

by Watson Peter G, Hazleman Brian L, McCluskey Peter, Pavésio Carlos E
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Quick Overview
Author/Editor Watson Peter G, Hazleman Brian L, McCluskey Peter, Pavésio Carlos E
ISBN 9781907816079
Speciality Ophthalmology
DOI 10.5005/jp/books/11649
Edition 3/e
Publishing Year 2012
Pages 378
Book Type Professional
Chapter Name Size Page No

This book provides an exhaustive account of the sclera and scleral disease. A historical introduction to the subject is followed by a chapter on the anatomy and physiology of the sclera. Scleral disease is discussed exhaustively, with separate chapters devoted to clinical assessment, clinical presentation and investigation of scleral disease. Ocular complications in scleritis, pathology and pathogenesis of scleritis and sclerokeratitis, connective tissue disorders and systemic disorders are discussed comprehensively. The next two chapters deal with the sclera in myopia and diseases of the sclera, other than scleritis. The final chapter of the book is devoted to treatment and management of scleral disease.

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