Textbook of Nursing Foundation

by Clement I
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Quick Overview
Author/Editor Clement I
ISBN 9789385891540
Speciality Fundamentals of Nursing
DOI 10.5005/jp/books/12979
Edition 2/e
Publishing Year 2017
Pages 1022
Book Type Textbook
Chapter Name Size Page No

The main concern of this chapter introduce the “Textbook of Nursing Foundation”. Nursing is a noble profession, where every nurse is obliged to provide expected quality of care. Today, the image of nurses has improved that every nurse and midwife can upgrade themselves to the level of nurse practitioner and they are allowed to practice independently. All the contents explained in the textbook are included as per the Indian Nursing Council syllabus which will be a complete pack of knowledge boost for the upcoming nursing students; contents are thoroughly updated as per scientific principles of nursing. This book “Textbook of Nursing Foundation” will definitely lay a strong basic knowledge foundation for all budding nurses, pictures are presented in such a manner so that theory is integrated with practice and students who go through will definitely have a strong idea about the nursing procedures. This textbook is designed with 24 chapters based on revised syllabus framed by Indian Nursing Council. Each chapter is enriched with needed tables and diagrams, narrated with lucid language from the examination point of view. Every nursing student who reads this book will gain adequate knowledge that will enable him/her to practice nursing procedures, and will also do his/her examination well.

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