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Textbook of Surgical Gastroenterology (2 Volumes)     Rating Star
Review by Mishra PK [2016] Reviewed By Peter Nau, MD, MS(University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics)

ISBN : 9789351529989

Edition : 1/e

The book entitled "Textbook of Surgical Gastroenterology (2 Volumes)" is a comprehensive specialty book on surgical gastroenterology, along with the most reverently known figures in the world of surgery and medicine. It is an extremely illustrated two volume source for residents and practicing surgeons. It includes each operation in terse and lucid...

Snapshots in Gastroenterology     Rating Star
Review by Rao S Devaji [2016] Reviewed By Johnny Cheng, DO(Parkview Medical Center)

ISBN : 9789351528814

Edition : 1/e

The study of the normal function and diseases of the esophagus, stomach, small intestine, colon and rectum, pancreas, gallbladder, bile ducts and liver is known as gastroenterology. It involves a detailed understanding of the physiology of the gastrointestinal organs including the movement of material through the stomach and intestine, the digestio...

Essentials of Cardiovascular Examination     Rating Star
Review by Raj Sumesh, GV Rajan [2016] Reviewed By Eiman Jahangir, MD, FACC, MPH(Ochsner Clinic Foundation)

ISBN : 9789352500420

Edition : 1/e

Cardiovascular (CVS) examination is essentially an examination of the patient’s heart; however it is a complex examination which also includes examination of other parts of the body including the hands, face and neck. The major elements of the CVS examination include observation, palpation and most importantly auscultation. This book “Essentials of...

Atlas of Vascular & Endovascular Surgical Techniques     Rating Star
Review by Mansour M Ashraf, Mitchell Erica, Shames Murray [2016] Reviewed By Micah Girotti, MD, MS(Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine)

ISBN : 9789351525271

Edition : 1/e

This book focuses on atlas of vascular and endovascular surgical techniques. Vascular surgery is a surgical subspecialty in which diseases of the vascular system, or arteries and veins, are managed by medical therapy, minimally-invasive catheter procedures, and surgical reconstruction. Endovascular surgery is an innovative, less invasive procedure ...

Contact & Occupational Dermatology     Rating Star
Review by Marks James G, Anderson Bryan E, DeLeo Vincent A [2016] Reviewed By Renata H. Mullen, MD(Palo Alto Medical Foundation)

ISBN : 9789351529361

Edition : 4/e

The book titled “Contact & Occupational Dermatology” is a comprehensive guide dealing with the core concepts of diagnosis and management of contact and occupational dermatitis. The book proves ideal for the clinicians in serving as a practical guide for the evaluation of patients with contact and occupational dermatitis. The book also serves as an ...

Textbook of Radiology: Physics     Rating Star
Review by Singh Hariqbal, Sasane Amol, Lodha Roshan [2016] Reviewed By Virginia Tsapaki, BSc, MSc, PhD(Konstantopoulio General Hospital)

ISBN : 9789385891304

Edition : 1/e

The book titled “Textbook of RADIOLOGY: Physics” endow with succinct impression of the field of radiology physics and its application in everyday practice. Physics is methodical study of matter and energy and their interaction with each other and it deals with matter on scales that varies from sub-atomic elements to stars and galaxies. Textbook of ...

Heart Disease in Women     Rating Star
Review by Nanda Navin C, Keser Nurgül [2015] Reviewed By Nanda

ISBN : 9789351522942

Edition : 1/e

This book “Heart Disease in Women” summarizes the cardiovascular diseases in women. This book consists of a total of 34 chapters organized into 8 sections. These sections describes facts about cardiovascular disease in women and the important topic of cardiovascular disease prevention, sex differences in the effects of leading and most prevalent ri...

Clinical Cases & Pearls in Medicine     Rating Star
Review by Sainani GS [2015] Reviewed By Sainani

ISBN : 9789351526469

Edition : 1/e

This book "Clinical Cases and Pearls in Medicine" contains case studies dealing with different diseases and disorders that affect various systems of the body. It is divided into different sections, each section dealing with diseases that affect a specific system or cause a specific type of disease. Clinical case studies of diseases as well as viva-...

MRCP Paces: 180 Clinical Cases     Rating Star
Review by O’Gallagher Kevin, Knight Daniel, O’Gallagher Michael, Merika Eirini, Malik Omar, Milton Peter TK, Oliver Nick [2015] Reviewed By Milton

ISBN : 9781907816529

Edition : 1/e

The book MRCP Paces - 180 Clinical Cases provides a summary of clinical cases on MRCP Paces. It has a structured framework for the presentation of clinical findings. Each clinical case is broken down to transform simple concepts and fundamental knowledge into an impressive display of clinical acumen. The book guides the reader through the MRCP PACE...

Cardiovascular Medicine     Rating Star
Review by Morris Paul, Warriner David, Morton Allison, Henderson Janine, Oliveira David, Parker Stephen [2015] Reviewed By Morris

ISBN : 9781907816826

Edition : 1/e

Eureka Cardiovascular Medicine provides a comprehensive view of every area of cardiovascular medicine, integrating core sciences, clinical medicine and surgery. It provides the key skills to succeed in treating cardiovascular diseases including the ability to take a good history, interpret examination findings, integrate investigation results and a...

Pediatric Echocardiography     Rating Star
Review by Gera Rani [2015] Reviewed By Krishna Kancharla, MD(Ochsner Clinic Foundation)

ISBN : 9789351526612

Edition : 3/e

The Book “Step by Step Pediatric Echocardiography” clarifies in insight about the Pediatric Echocardiography and the advancement of technology. Pediatric echocardiography technique is a simple, noninvasive and inexpensive technique that provides a correct hemodynamic status of the heart, thereby reducing the requirement of cardiac catheterization. ...

Clinical Methods & Interpretation in Medicine     Rating Star
Review by Saha Ashis Kumar [2015] Reviewed By Saha

ISBN : 9789351526285

Edition : 1/e

The book CLINICAL METHODS AND INTERPRETATION IN MEDICINE gives complete picture of all the systems of the human body. The book is practical guide to medical students to learn proper history-taking from all types of patients including physically handicapped and emotionally fragile patients. The opening chapter discusses as how to interview a patient...

Clinical Nursing Procedures: The Art of Nursing Practice     Rating Star
Review by Jacob Annamma, R Rekha, Tarachand Jadhav Sonali [2015] Reviewed By Diana V. Do, MD(University of Nebraska College of Medicine)

ISBN : 9789351525332

Edition : 3/e

The book is a compilation of clinical procedures which nurses perform independently and collaboratively with other health care professionals, for individuals in varying physical status and stages of illness. The categories of procedures are diagnostic, therapeutic, health assessment, promotion of comfort and safety, and life saving. Clinical specia...

Clinical OCT Angiography Atlas     Rating Star
Review by Lumbroso Bruno, Huang David, Chen Ching J, Jia Yali, Rispoli Marco, Romano André, Waheed Nadia K [2015] Reviewed By Diana V. Do, MD(University of Nebraska College of Medicine)

ISBN : 9789351528999

Edition : 1/e

The Clinical OCT Angiography Atlas depicts an understanding and interpretation of the powerful new imaging modality of optical coherence tomography, OCT angiography or angio OCT. OCT angiography is a new functional imaging modality for clinical ophthalmology and fundamental research. Major topics of discussion include guide for interpreting OCT ang...

Clinical Methods in Medicine: Clinical Skills and Practices     Rating Star
Review by Chugh SN, Gupta Eshan [2015] Reviewed By Chugh

ISBN : 9789350250396

Edition : 2/e

The featured book provides excellent source of material in clinical methods in medicine and gives an opportunity to get acquainted with the clinical examination and then take the help of appropriate bedside investigations so as to plan the management. The book comprises of three units and each unit provides premiere references to different topic in...

Complex Spine Cases: A Collection of Current Techniques     Rating Star
Review by Gupta Munish C, Vaccaro Alexander Richard, Gupta Sachin [2015] Reviewed By Alan Dacre, MD(Ortho Montana)

ISBN : 9789351523864

Edition : 1/e

This book ‘Complex Spine Cases: A Collection of Current Techniques’ focuses on pediatric and adult spinal deformity surgery and complex surgical problems. This book covers a nice gamut of thoracic, cervical and lumbar pathologies and both pediatric and adult complex deformity surgical problems. It also uses a case report format to illustrate the ch...