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Chapter-01 General Aspects of Care by Kuruvilla Jaya (2007) Edition : 1/e

General aspects of care, Evolution of critical care, Concepts of critical care nursing, Principles of critical care nursing, Scope of nursing practice in critical care units, Legal aspects in critical care nursing, Role of nurse in critical care unit, Planning of critical care unit, Nosocomial infections, Psychosocial components of critical care nursing, Nur... [More]

Chapter-01 Neonatal Nursing—The Challenge by Guha Dipak K, Guha Rashmi, Srivastava RD (2006) Edition : 1/e

Neonatal nursing, Philosophy of specialist neonatal nurse, Critical care neonatal nurse (CCNN), National neonatology forum (NNF), Neonatal intensive care units (NICU), Specialized neonatal nurse (SNN), Role of specialist neonatal nurse, Role of critical care neonatal nurse, Establishment of education and training program, Assessment of education and training... [More]

Chapter-01 Transfer of a Critically ill Patient by Agnihotri Meenakshi, Krishnan Nadiya (2014) Edition : 1/e

This chapter discusses transfer of critically ill patient. The care of acutely ill patient routinely includes safe transportation, both within a given hospital to undergo tests and procedures, and between hospitals, as patients may require transfer to other facilities for specialized services. The intra-hospital and inter-hospital transfer of critically ill ... [More]

Chapter-02 Admission of the Patient in ICU by Kaushal Raj Kumari (2014) Edition : 1/e

This chapter discusses admission of the patient in intensive care unit (ICU). Intensive care units (ICUs) also known as critical care units are specialized areas that look after patients whose disease conditions are life-threatening. These patients need constant, close monitoring and support from advanced equipments and advanced drugs to keep normal body fun... [More]

Chapter-02 Coronary Components of Critical Care Nursing by Kuruvilla Jaya (2007) Edition : 1/e

Coronary components of critical care nursing, Assessment of cardiovascular system, Related anatomy and physiology, Assessment of cardiovascular function, Diseases of coronary arteries, Arrhythmias, Cardiogenic shock, Pacemakers, Cardiovascular surgery, Cardiac assist devices, Clinical death, Cardiopulmonary resuscitation

Chapter-02 Introduction by Agarwal Mukesh Kumar (2011) Edition : 1/e

Aims of NIV, Complications of invasive mechanical ventilation, Differences between invasive and noninvasive ventilation, Goals of noninvasive ventilation, Physiological effects of NIV, Physiological effects of noninvasive ventilation

Chapter-02 Physiology of Respiration by Balasubramanian T (2008) Edition : 1/e

Physiology of respiration, Air way protection mechanisms, Alveolar pressure, Compliance of lungs, Diffusion of oxygen, Lungs capacities, Oxygen transportation, Pleural pressure, Pulmonary circulation, Pulmonary ventilation, Regulation of ventilation, Removal of carbon dioxide, Respiratory system, Transpulmonary pressure